Converting Your Website to Mobile

Mobile Landing Page, or Fully Responsive?

Responsive websites are designed to adapt to the screen you're using to view them.  That means that every paragraph and every picture will look like they were designed for just that screen (well, almost).  Mobile landing pages are added to old websites to give mobile viewers basic contact information (address, telephone number, etc.), along with a link to the still old-fashioned version of your full website.

Your old website SHOULD be converted to a fully responsive mobile design.  ALL of our new websites will be designed to be fully responsive.  However, we can still create and implement a mobile landing page if your budget or circumstances prevent a full conversion of your whole site just now (call for details).

sample web page

Things to Think About

First, your old website is being left behind by the movement toward mobile devices, so upgrading to a mobile design is definitely the right thing to do.  When converting we'll begin by isolating blocks of information.  Next we decide which of those blocks should be listed first on a tiny screen, then second as the user scrolls down, and so forth.  Some of the less important blocks that appear on your large screen version may be better "hidden" from the viewer altogether on smaller screens.

Your website will look more streamlined, and you'll be thrilled when you see it on your phone the first time!  Also, now is a great time to weed out items that have become outdated, and to be sure that your new website reflects your vision for the future of your business or group!