About Mobile Websites

What is a RESPONSIVE mobile website?

All websites can be seen on mobile devices.  The question is, can mobile users see and use your web site easily on their tiny screens?  Most older web sites were designed for large desktop screens, and are so small when shrunk to tablet or smart-phone screen sizes that the users have to zoom and scroll to read text.  Many will just give up in frustration and go on to more user-friendly sites.  "Responsive" web sites on the other hand, are designed to automatically rearrange page components to fit different sized screens, rather than shrinking a fixed layout.  This page is an example of a fully responsive web page:  If your browser will let you resize this window by dragging the bottom right corner to the left, notice how the blocks of content change positions to fit the available space. If you're not able to do that here, then navigate to this page on your smart phone or tablet and carefully compare how the blocks you see here have been automatically rearranged to appear normal on that smaller screen.

sample web page

Rates & Terms

Our firm, written design quotes won't change unless you change the specifications.  All of our prices include responsive design and our high-quality web photography. We don't employ a commissioned sales force, so our rates are low:  Conversions of existing sites to responsive design run about half the price of new designs, unless new photography is involved.

  • Starter Website (1 page)  -  $ 290 - 750
  • Brochure Website (2-10 pgs)  -  $399 - 4995
  • Photography only - See 585Photo.com (Non-compete Guaranteed)