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Getting found by your customers online

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about earning good search rankings on the major search sites.  The best way to do well in search isn't with SEO tricks, but with clear words and quality pictures that convey three things:  1) Who you are, 2) What you do, and 3) Why your prospective customers should choose you over your competition.

Blogs are collections of articles that discuss your product or service.  Is a blog important for your business?  Yes if you're marketing nationally against dozens of competitors, but if you're a local pizza shop, your main assets online are a few good keywords, mouth-watering pictures of your product, and a menu that can be read on a tiny smart phone screen.  The search engines will take it from there!


On-page SEO Specialists

On-page, or on-site SEO refers to steps we can take to assure that the search engines are giving your pages the maximum possible respect. The quality of your content is at the top of the list. We specialize in strong content authoring, including good spelling, grammar, syntax and phrasing. Keywords are important to convey the nature of your business, and to reveal your specialties and strengths. Some behind-the-scene things like page titles, bullet lists and header fonts are also important.

social media

Off-page SEO Pointers

Your involvement in the social media sites is a valuable component in search rankings. This isn't a big part of our own SEO program, but if you or your business have an active presence on any of the social media groups, be sure to let us know and we'll be happy to incorporate that into your site's design.