In-house Website Photography

Creating Photographs that SELL!

People will judge you by the quality of what they find on your website.  Everything on your website should say that you care about quality -- especially your pictures!

Promotional web photography is a specialized field that includes attention to page theme, page position of the shot, copyright issues, the knowledge level of your visitors, and the "mood" of any people who appear in the scene.  Our web design experience is as important as our photography skills when photographing our clients' businesses.

Why Photographs are so Important

website photographer When shooting for the lead photograph on the home page of a client's website, we try to think of a single image that says three things:  1) who you are, 2) what you do, and 3) why people should choose you over the competition.  This client is a tower clock expert.  He was a consultant for the Independence Hall Tower clock restoration in 2009.  Independence Hall in this composite is a stock photograph.  We got the expression we were after from him with our third shot. (c/o our photography company

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Using Client Photographs

When using photos taken by clients, we always ask for the largest digital images available, and for high-resolution scans of print originals when it applies (call for details).

The Advantage of In-house Photography

Photography and design go hand-in-hand.  Sometimes a web page drives the pictures, and sometimes the pictures we get drive the page.  Our in-house photography is included in our design proposals for website clients anywhere in Central and Western New York State.  We view each website we create as another showcase for our photography, and so probably don't charge what it's worth each time.  Furthermore, we usually ask to return during the design process for re-shoots to fill holes or to otherwise improve your website's finished appearance at no extra charge.